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Happy 60th, Dad


My father, Jerry Dean, turns 60 today. I’ve never imagined my dad being in his 60s, but when I look around and see his five grandchildren running and crawling around during the rare, happy moments that we’re all together, I guess it does make sense.

He has been the lead pastor of The Pentecostals of Bossier City for 24 years. He serves on the Global Missions Board of the UPCI. He is the Director of Louisiana Apostolic Man Ministries, and the Vice President of the UPCI’s Apostolic Man Ministries. He has preached on four continents, including the General Conferences of North America and the UK.

In short, my father has smashed the incorrect (and absolutely infuriating) notion that many carry in regards to ministers: that they play golf, sip coffee, and only have to work on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. I have watched my dad exhaust himself seven days a week for as long as I’ve lived.

There is a reason he has impacted so many people: his passion is overwhelming.

I have said dozens of times that the highest compliment that I can pay my father is that he is the exact same man in the comforts of his home that he is when standing behind the pulpit. There is no pretension within him. There is no ambiguity in his actions — when he preaches against secularism, materialism, and spiritual complacency, it is because he consistently avoids sin, greed, and lethargy in his private life.

Though he has given the benediction at the installation of a governor, he has never valued the company of those in positions of power or prominence over that of the humble workers of his community. There is no prejudice, no haughtiness, and no cynicism in his dealings with others.

He calls himself “the redneck pastor,” and he genuinely seems most at peace when walking on the land some relatives own in Oklahoma and East Texas, leading his grandsons down trails or snapping pictures of them catching their first fish. His eyes still light up as he recounts the many stories of his childhood in De Leon, Texas, some of which I’ve heard several times, but hope he never stops telling.

I have always respected my dad for his character and commitment, but I must confess there was not always a time that I properly valued it. As a teenager, I thought and said countless hurtful things about our church and religious beliefs. I came to hate the work of God and the demands that the job my father accepted placed upon not only him, but our family. I bristled every time someone said, “You’re the pastor’s son — you should know better!” I’ll skip over the rest of the story, but I found healing at an altar at 18-years-old, and with it regained my admiration for the selflessness that my parents have always displayed.

Today, Jerry Dean is not just my pastor — he’s also my boss. I am privileged to be able to work beside him in our offices, to walk beside him as he minister’s to this community, and pray beside him at the altars of POBC.

I didn’t always understand why my dad sought a higher level of self-sacrifice which seemed above that of so many in his profession, but when I see him praying at the altar for a visitor who is receiving the Holy Ghost for the first time, the alcoholic who has stumbled into our church and is seeking deliverance, or the prodigal who cannot walk another step without pursing redemption, and I see the tears streaming down both their faces as God’s beautiful work is done, then it makes sense.

When I see our church acting on their faith, serving their community, and loving those who desperately need it, then it makes sense.

When I hear the young ministers from all around the country tell me, “You have no idea what your dad reaching out to me meant,” then it makes sense.

When I stand in the midst of a crowded auditorium, and I feel the faith arising in the people around me due to the passionately-delivered words from the “redneck pastor” preaching to them, and I know that the reason it resonates is because the of the genuine nature of his anointing, then it makes sense.

I once made the incredibly painful accusation to my father that he was “pastor first, father second.” Please allow me a few final paragraphs to address my father directly:

Dad, please forgive me for ever uttering those words. I was speaking from a perspective that was limited, and my heart was not in the right place.

Over the years I have come to understand something: your being a good father doesn’t come from the fact that you’re a good pastor. You’re being a good pastor comes from the fact that you’re an incredible father.

Thank you for all the love you pour out — to your wife, your children, your grandchildren, and your son-and-daughter-in-laws. We all love and respect you more than you’re even aware.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad,
I love you.

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The Half-Hearted Church

Psalm 22:3 (KJV)
But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Every preacher, worship leader, musician, and/or singer has felt it before: a church that has collectively checked out of a service. Those in platform ministry can exhaust themselves, raise their voices, sing until their vocal cords can’t take it anymore, and yet nothing works — every member of the congregation seems content to follows the pattern:

  1. Walks in 1-5 minutes before/after service starts.
  2. Claps their hands lethargically during worship.
  3. Refuses to alter their expression.
  4. Sits through the preaching with an invisible force field surrounding.
  5. Stands when the preacher says stand.
  6. Offers obligatory 3-minute prayer at altar call.
  7. Rushes to a local eatery.

The Word of God asks us to not “forsake the assembling of ourselves together,” but merely attending church is not the point. We are to worship together, to learn together, to pray together, and grow together. How can this be accomplished if, through their body language and actions, much of the membership shows itself to be bored with church itself?

As Pastor Dean has often stated: WE DO NOT TAKE CHURCH SERVICES OFF!

Attend service with this understanding: in all likelihood, someone is experiencing your church for the very first time. I know at POBC, we have first-time guests each Sunday morning. Are we letting them down? Do they walk in expecting an apostolic, power-packed environment, but leaving feeling underwhelmed?

If we believe God’s Word, and that He “inhabits the praises of His people,” then our WORSHIP and INVOLVEMENT during a church service is crucial to creating an atmosphere in which God’s presence can work at maximum effectiveness.

Is God dependent upon us to move? No.
Are the emotions and desires of man affected by his environment? Yes!

If it was your sibling, your parent, your friend, or your co-worker who was attending church as your guest for the first time, would you worship differently? Would you hope that everyone else worships, investing their whole heart into THAT particular service? Would you do everything within your power to create fertile ground for the seed of God’s Word and Spirit? Would you walk to the altar with purpose, or would you linger back, just hoping that the service comes to an end in time to beat the other churches to your favorite restaurant?

Each service is just that opportunity for someone. Each song is a chance for the church to lift up holy hands in adoration of God. Each sermon could be the Word that someone’s guest needs desperately to hear. And each altar call could be the defining moment where someone finds God and is filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I understand that worshipping God isn’t a scheme to trick anyone into following Him, and I know that even pop artists can send chills up your spine and bring tears to your eyes with a powerful song. But imagine we worship God with absolute sincerity, He inhabits our praises, His Spirit covers the room, and suddenly the atmosphere goes from “just another Sunday” to the Sunday that no one will ever forget. That’s what is at stake each and every week.

So my question is this:

Revelation 3:14-16 (ESV)
And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: ‘The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God’s creation. “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

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Supply List – Night of Charity

The youth group is doing a charity concert this Saturday, August 14, to raise money/donations for school supplies for Meadowview Elementary school students who can’t afford the supplies. (Night of Charity – Facebook) (Night of Charity – POBC)

If you are curious as to what supplies are being asked of the kids, here it is (it was easiest to post/link to here):

Supply List


4 boxes 16 count crayons
1 plastic crayon box
16 regular size No. 2 pencils
1 water color paint set
1 pocket folder with brads
2 composition notebooks (black/white cover)
1 pair blunt end scissors
2 large bottles of white glue
1 pkg. of playdoh
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tissue
1 mat for rest time–NO TOWELS
4 coloring books for rainy day recess
1 set of extra clean clothes in a zipper bag

1st Grade

4 boxes 16 count crayons
1 pkg. of 8 count washable markers
36 regular size No. 2 pencils
1 pkg. pencil top erasers
2 large pink erasers
2 pkg. loose construction paper (any size)
2 pkg. manilla paper (any size)
5 pocket folders with brads
8 spiral notebooks–wide rule
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tissues
1 pair scissors
2 small bottles of white glue
4 glue sticks
1 zipper pencil bag
2 coloring books for rainy day recess

2nd Grade

4 boxes 16 count crayons
2 pkg. of 10 count  bold washable markers
60 regular size No. 2 pencils
1 pkg. 9 X 12 manilla paper
1 pkg. 9 X 12 assorted construction paper
3 pkg. ruled white index cards
4 spiral notebooks
1 one inch 3 ring binder with pockets
1 pkg. pocket dividers for binder
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tissue
1 pair blunt end scissors
1 small backpack (must fit in locker)
2 large bottles of white glue
1 pkg. loose leaf paper–wide rule
1 zipper pencil bag
2 coloring books for rainy day recess

3rd Grade

4 boxes 24 count crayons
1 pkg. of 10 count bold washable markers
32 regular size No. 2 (plain, wood) pencils
1 one inch binder (larger binders will not fit in desks)
5 pkg. loose leaf paper–wide rule
1 pkg. 9 X 12 loose construction paper
1 pkg. 12 X 18 loose manilla paper
2 pocket folders with brads
4 pkg. ruled, white index cards
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tissue
1 pair scissors1 small backpack (must fit in locker)
1 large bottle of white glue
1 zipper pencil pouch with zipper (no boxes)
2 activity pads for rainy day recess

4th Grade

4 boxes of 24 count crayons
32 regular size No. 2 pencils
1 pkg. pencil cap erasers
5 pkg. loose leaf paper–wide rule
4 pkg. 3 X 5 ruled index cards
4 one subject spirl notebooks–wide rule
1 composition notebook (black/white cover)
4 pocket folders with brads
2 one inch binders
1 pair of scissors
1 large bottle of white glue
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tisues
1 small backback
1 nylon pencil pouch with zipper–NO Boxes

5th Grade

1 box of 48 count crayons
1 box of 10 count broad tip washable markers
1 box of 10 count fine tip washable markers
48 regular size No. 2 wooden pencils
1 box of 12 colored pencils1 pkg. pencil cap erasers
4 pkg. ruled, white 3 X 5 index cards
6 composition notebooks (black/white cover)
4 pkg. loose leaf paper–wide rule
1 pkg. manilla paper (any size)
1 pkg. multicolor construction paper (any size)
1 pair scissors
1 large bottle of white glue
1 small calculator
Girls–1 box quart zipper bags
Boys–1 box gallon zipper bags
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of facial tissues
1 small backpack
1 nylon zipper pencil pouch
3 pocket folders with brads