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Happy 15th Birthday, Playstation

I’m a gamer.

I can’t help it. When I was in junior high, I sat at what was referred to as the “Nintendo Table.” It was not a compliment; at that time, games were for nerds. Fast-forward to 2010: games are not just mainstream, but they’ve outgrown the movie industry. Millions of gamers log in with their PS3s and XBox 360s every night to play games like Halo 3, Madden, and Modern Warfare 2. It’s actually mainstream.

Fifteen years ago today, Nintendo and SEGA’s death grip on the industry was dealt a massive blow by the arrival of the Sony Playstation. Sony was the new kid on the block, and after their CD-based game system alliance with Nintendo dissolved, they decided to release their own home console.

I remember when my brother first came home with the Playstation. He hooked it up in his room, and we spent hours going through the 12 games on the demo disc. I don’t remember what game we bought first; I know Crash Bandicoot was one of them. What I do know is that the original Playstation (and the PS2 after it) brought a lot of happiness to one nerdy, short, awkward white kid living in northwest Louisiana. I couldn’t get girls, but I got the Knights of the Round materia (if you get this reference, you’re just as geeky as I am)!

Happy Birthday, Playstation.

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