Apple Exhaustion

I have used Mac computers exclusively for almost a decade. I remember being one of the handful of students on my college campus using a Mac — a 12″ iBook, to be exact. It was different. It was exciting. It was better than what everyone else was using, and I knew it.

Admittedly, it was a source of pride.

Today, you can’t turn your head in any direction without seeing a MacBook, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Apple is worth $600 billion. Read that once more: $600,000,000,000. They are a corporate behemoth, with their current public image differing sharply from the renegade hammer-throwers of yesteryear.

Why has Apple succeeded?

  • Simplicity – This philosophy is best displayed through their simple, intuitive user interfaces. Using an iPad is like second nature, even for children and the elderly, because it feels so natural and unimposing.
  • Culture – First it was the Apple loyalists, then the hipsters, then their families, then the world. Apple is a magnetic force, drawing everyone towards its fiercely loyal user base.
  • Strategy – Steve Jobs said (paraphrasing here), “We control the hardware, we control the environment, and you guys can deal with it.” Geeks have cried foul for many years, but Apple’s control-freak ways have made for the world’s most secure and manageable experience.

So what’s the point of this post? I’m kind of tired of Apple.

When everyone is saying the same thing, it usually means that the last group of stragglers have finally jumped on board. When I first bought a Mac, everyone shrieked, “It’s not compatible with anything!” Today, that long-untrue lament is a relic in the tech industry. Even Apple’s most ardent critics have to admit that Apple has been on to something very smart all along.

But now that everyone is using a Mac and talking about how incredible it is and how everyone who uses a PC is a neanderthal, they’re getting annoying. The media is mostly to blame for this, as they cover every whisper of every rumor from every corner of the world so long as it’s related to an upcoming Apple product.

I’m an Apple apologist and fanatic. I own an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. I get excited with every Keynote’s announcements (even the most recent Steve-less one). I’m NOT getting rid of my products anytime soon.

But Google is at least making a challenge with the Nexus 7 and their Android phone OS. I’m excited that they’re making strides, because that means Apple must (and certainly will) step up their game.

I just hope they lose a few customers in the process. It’s getting crowded in here.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Exhaustion

  1. Oh, God! Hold on, hold on, I can’t breathe…wait, let me catch my breath…

    Whew! Oh, my…man, was that funny!

    So nowadays you’re sad that you carrying around and Apple product or two isn’t as much as a novelty as it used to be? You don’t want people buying Apple products because it’s now making it “too crowded in here”?

    Seems like a self professing Apple fanatic would want everyone to join the band wagon, but you? No way. Too crowded! Lol!

    Dude, you crack me up. I’m laughing so hard at this that I’m tearing up!

    Good stuff, bro!

    • The underlying problem is that a shift in market share has altered Apple’s perspective when it comes to developing applications and UI changes. Case in point: Final Cut X.

      Apple used to be the company of print geeks, photo geeks, video geeks, and writers. Now they’re marketing towards hipsters, wannabe hipsters, and people who will buy loads of music on iTunes. I’m hoping some competition comes out of nowhere and gives them a nice little kick in the seat of the pants.

      • Who do you think will do that? Google? Microsoft?

        I really have my doubts about either of them. Apple seems to have developed – all too well, perhaps – a fanbase so vehemently addicted to them and their products that I’m not even sure they’d recognize the competition if even were to rise up.

        As for me, I think I’d be willing to give Google a go if they were to raise the competition. I like my Android phone and plan to keep using one for the forseeable future. The Galaxy S3 looks really cool.

        Do you not own/use any Google/Android products?

        It seems like Microsoft just like to shoot their toes off every chance they get. I haven’t read any glowing reviews of Windows 8 and their idea of trying to compete with the iPad is with the Surface, at a price point in the range of ultrabooks (usually $1100+)? Not sold at all. I’ll be using Windows 7 for a while and as far as tablets go, I’m pretty sold on the iPad alone.

        Time will tell.

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