6. Cleveland Browns

No doubt about it — this is going to be a polarizing entry.

I consider the Browns’ uniforms and helmets to be among the most beautiful in the NFL. They’re simple, iconic, and sure to incite either appreciation or disgust from uniform watchers. You either love the Browns’ uniforms, or you want to vomit at the sight of them.

They’ve remained the same for nearly the entire 65-year history of the Cleveland Browns. White pants, dark (really dark) brown shirts, and orange helmets. The helmets have been completely plain, solo-striped, and triple-striped, like today. The colors have varied only slightly, with the brown on the shirts finally arriving at its current shade, a dark chocolate brown (actually, “seal brown”).

The uniform is so plain that there’s really not a lot to say about them. The striping is perfectly balanced, and…………well, that’s about it.

Colt McCoy, rallying the troops.

Mr. Madden cover himself.

Does this make you angry?

Jim Brown says you'd better like these unis.

And the logo?

This is it.


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2 thoughts on “6. Cleveland Browns

  1. Good post. I definitely love the Browns uniforms. They are old school and I like that. But since the team is named after a man, I guess you can’t just slap a logo on the helmet, it wouldn’t make sense. But I like the Browns because of their uniforms, even though I consider the real Browns to be in Baltimore, I can look past that. Being a Redskins fan, Peyton Hillis reminds me of John Riggins, and his style of play epitomizes the Browns identity as a blue collar team.

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