8. New England Patriots

You should see this one coming.

New England scores major points for tapping into their local history. They’re named the Patriots, for crying out loud. They’re wearing red, white, and blue. They’re led by a coach who dresses like a slob in a sweatshirt on the sidelines, subtly emphasizing the northeastern lack of pretension involved in going about your job. They are the New England Patriots, and they are everything their uniforms seem to say about them.

He seems to yell often.

If you don't like these jerseys, you probably hate America.

But as much as I like the Patriots’ present uniforms, I will never, ever think it compares to their throwbacks:

I told you he yells often.

More yelling. And pointing.

Admittedly, if I had my way, they’d revert to the retro uniforms permanently, but since they’re not, we’ll have to settle for 8th-best.


...and not this? You kidding?



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One thought on “8. New England Patriots

  1. Cliff Cherry says:

    100% agree the old logo is waaaay better than the current one!

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