12. New York Jets

This was a toughie.

I don’t like the Jets. I don’t like Rex Ryan. I don’t like Mark Sanchez. I don’t like New York City. I don’t like dark green. And I reeeeeally don’t like Jets fans.

Adjusting this list several times, I had them ranked as high as #10 and as low as #22. I couldn’t make up my mind. But finally I erred on the side of history. Strangely enough, just as I mentioned that Giants fans feel their team has some sort of imagined history, the Big Apple’s red-headed stepchild of a football team has the ghost of Joe Namath hanging over its head and giving it some sort of a historical sparkle that is difficult to quantify, and the uniforms are definitely a part of that.

They went from their classic look to a spartan, terrible uniform in 1978, but reverted back to their “current” design in 1998, and doggone it…it’s just much better.

Pretty boy Mark Sanchez

Tough guys

And make no mistake about it, they really pulled out the big guns for the logo.


Strangely enough, I’m not being facetious — it’s probably one of the most “2011-ish” logos in the NFL today. Design has shifted towards the minimalistic over the last decade, spurred on by companies like Apple who took the “clean” concept to an entirely new level. The Jets don’t try to be too fancy (COUGH, TITANS, COUGH)…they just do what they do.

And I, for one, actually kind of like it.

Also, Rex Ryan has a potty mouth.





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