11. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers dilemma:

For the 2011 season, the Chargers have decided to use their white helmets with each variation of their uniforms. This moved them from around #18 to #11 on my list. If only they’d switched to their powder blue (more on this in a second)…

How can you go wrong with lightning? Seriously. I know that in some ways, lightning bolts, flashing, and thunder seems to harken back to 80s metal bands, but when you incorporate a thunder bolt into pretty much anything, it instantly becomes a lot better. The Chargers have taken this concept to the Nth degree (side note: I have no idea what the Nth degree really is).

In 1974, the Chargers did something stupid: they changed from their “powder blue” jerseys to a dark blue variety that was alright, but not nearly as beautiful. They also changed from the white helmets with the numbers underneath the bolts to the same dark blue, but changed the bolts from gold to white, and removed the numbers completely. Thus, their jerseys went from gorgeous to mediocre, and then aged poorly into the “meh” category.

Then, they took a half-step back in 2007, returned the bolts to their proper gold, and integrated some of the original powder blue into the design. As stated, they also returned to white helmets in 2011, solidifying a great jersey…

Looking better...

Even better...

But then…the famous powder blue uniforms, which are, in my humble opinion, the best jerseys to ever be presented on and NFL field:

If San Diego wore these jerseys regularly (instead of nine times in the last three years), they’d have instantly been bumped into the top 3, but since the Chargers organization has decided for years to abandon the pleas of fans and non-fans alike, I’m pushing them no further than #11.

Man, I love those unis…

And now, the Chargers logo.

And that’s all they need.

Please, Chargers organization. Please, please, please give us the powder blue jerseys. You will become my AFC team if you do.

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