18. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals’ uniforms got off to a rough start.

Their original owner/GM/coach (yes, all three), Paul Brown, still had ownership of the old Cleveland Browns equipment from his previous job in Cleveland, and therefore used the exact same uniforms with his new team in Cincinnati. Interpretation: the Bengals literally stole the Browns’ uniforms. Someone decided it was embarrassing enough, so they distinguished themselves by adding “BENGALS” onto the orange helmets.

In 1981, the team finally cashed in on the obvious Bengals monicker possibilities, and added tiger stripes to the uniform and helmets. Eureka!

Yes, they’re tacky. Even today, the tiger stripes look like they should be lining the neck in fur, but you can distinguish the Bengals’ uniforms from a mile away, thanks in no small part to those ravishing helmets.

The Bengals’ uniforms are so ugly that they’re kind of endearing, and find their place near the middle of the pack, right in mediocre land.




When you think of Bengals, you think of something like the video of the tiger attacking the man on top of the elephant, right?

(No, I’m not linking to it)

So why does their logo look so…tabby?

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One thought on “18. Cincinnati Bengals

  1. These uniforms just remind me of those years with Ocho there… Which just makes me hate them…

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