17. Arizona Cardinals

I’ve heard the Cardinals’ jerseys referred to as “bland” and “boring,” but I beg to differ, sir.

Their uniforms remained relatively unchanged since 1898 (yes…EIGHTEEN eighty-eight), with the Cardinal making its appearance on the helmets in 1960. These jerseys were boring, but made quite an upswing in 2005 with the redesigns that remain in effect today. The changes were moderate, but they were enough — the jerseys now look pretty decent instead of narcoleptic.

Interesting Arizona uniform note: starting with their second home game in 1988, the Cardinals were one of the few teams in the NFL to wear their white jerseys at home. Why? Because of the 100° weather during the early autumn. They discovered that making their opponents wear their darker jerseys made them more susceptible to the heat of the scorching Arizona sun. Well played, Cardinals…well played.

Larry Fitzgerald is a beast.

Simple and clean: the Cardinals’ logo:

Even the logo experienced some changes, graduating from the “parakeet” look to the more menacing, bird-of-prey cardinal. You know, because cardinals are known to swoop into backyards and pluck golden retrievers from the ground to feed to their carnivorous young.

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