16. New York Giants

One team remains in the “mediocre” division: the New York Giants.

I’m not the biggest fan of New York City. I don’t like crowds, rude people, the Yankees, or concrete. However, I can appreciate the timeless classic New York jerseys sported by the Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers. These teams should maintain their general look for eternity. Period.

The Giants are a different story. I get the feeling that they think of themselves as a historic team, and that their jerseys of seasons past deserved to be dug up and trotted out. The problem is that while they have that “yesteryear” feel…I’m just not sure they’re worthy. The jerseys are alright — I even kind of like them sometimes (in the right light). But are they really classic? Maybe some of you could chime in.

Eli Manning: Superstar (just ask him)

Can't you just imagine us wearing leather helmets?

Brace yourself for New York’s “classic” logo.

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