15. Chicago Bears

Yet another team whose uniforms will never, ever change: Daaaaaaaaaaa Bears!

Unlike the Giants, who think they’re iconic, the Bears truly are, largely because of the contributions of Walter Payton and the 1985 Bears team, which is almost universally regarded as one of the greatest NFL teams of all-time. Their history is long and (somewhat) storied, so Chicago fans would probably murder anyone who dared attempt to shake things up a bit.

And they’re right.

No, the jerseys aren’t pretty.
Yes, they are somehow elegant.

No, the C logo isn’t exciting.
Yes, it’s instantly recognizable.

Daaaaa Bears, don’t ever change. You’ll never be the best uniform in the league, but that doesn’t matter. You’re definitely good enough.

Might wanna do something about this guy, though...

The Urlacher. Be afraid.

It’s the C. Don’t mess with it.



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