3 thoughts on “20. Tennessee Titans

  1. Logo Fanatic says:

    Love, love, love this blog series. I’m seriously hoping that at the end of the 32 day series you move on to do MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Cricket & Curling leagues.
    I am by no means a Titans fan, but with that being said, I do want to add a quick explanation. I am from Tennessee so I am probably seeing what you are failing to see. The Titans adopted their three star design based in part on the state flag of Tennessee. The flag has three off-set stars on it to represent the three grand divisions of Tennessee (East, Middle, & West). The state flag is also the reason for the red, blue & white in the logo & baby blue a nod of the head at the Houston Oilers, where the franchise came from. Why is the “T” so cheap? Considering they are competing against the University of Tennessee & the Power T when it comes to fans, I guess they wanted to go a different direction. I always hoped it was supposed to represent a sword, but even that doesn’t explain it’s goofiness.
    Interesting side note: When the Oilers were purchased & proposed moving to the state of Tennessee, Memphis was an option. It was also rumored that the team would be nicknamed the Hound Dogs in honor of Elvis Presley. I’ve always wondered if the helmet would have featured floppy ears.

    • Thank ya! The series stalled because I needed to make some adjustments, and I’ve been so busy with church work and photo edits that haven’t had a chance to get it finished up. I’ll hopefully be able to knock out about ten more teams over the weekend, and then get the series completed. As for the other jerseys: I’d have to start feeling reeeeeally inspired to try to tackle another sports league. LOL…and there’s no chance I’m taking on the NCAA with their 112 (?) teams.

      Thanks for the input on the Titans’ design. I actually wish they would’ve focused more on the three red stars. I just wish the crazy T-sword and flames would’ve been eliminated from the equation. Craziness.

      Also: thank God that they’re not the Memphis Hound Dogs. I think Elvis just shuddered in his grave.

  2. Jessy says:

    Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN Page 2 fame has dubbed them the “Flaming Thumbtacks”.

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