22. St. Louis Rams

With the Colts finishing off my “Blah” division, we now move into the largest of the six sets, the “Mediocre” division. These are the teams whose uniforms aren’t really terrible, but they’re not really good. They’re kind of just there.

Here come the Rams.

I toyed with the idea of dropping the Rams into the Blah division, but finally settled them here since their uniforms really aren’t that bad. What almost pushed them down? Their nasty habit of not settling on a stinking regular combination (AKA Oregon Duck Syndrome)…

They’re navy. They’ve got shiny gold(ish). They’ve got clean white. No problem, right?

They’re just not that great. They’re not bad — don’t get me wrong. They’re just the epitome of mediocrity.

Also, I miss their old uniforms:

They were blue. They were yellow. They were LOUD.

And they were so much better. You could glance at a distant television screen at a restaurant and instantly know you were watching the St. Louis Rams. They were distinct, but no longer. Now we have this attempt at elegance that becomes just as boring as most things labeled “elegant” and “upgraded.” Give me the old uniforms, and St. Louis gets bumped up ten spots.

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