21. Denver Broncos

I remember when the Broncos first unveiled their current uniforms in 1997. I thought they were the coolest things I had ever seen. They had stripes like I’d never seen on a typical NFL uniform. They had a cooler horse logo. They almost took their place as my second-favorite team solely because of those uniforms. I wanted everyone to be as progressive in Denver with their jersey renovations.

Today, they take their place alongside carpenter jeans and backwards caps. I understand they were cool, but their now the jeans are dated (unless you actually do carpentry work) and if you turn your hat backwards, you’re probably a rabid UFC addict (take that as you will).

The Broncos made it to the Super Bowl four times (’77, ’86, ’87, ’89), and failed each time. When they changed to their current jerseys in 1997, they won their first Super Bowl (and won again the next year for good measure). Interpretation: they’re probably never changing these uniforms, right? Well, sort of — they’re keeping the style, but changing the primary home jerseys from navy blue to their traditional orange.

But currently, this is what we’re getting:

Well, not Tebow...I meant the navy blue.

Home Depot gloves

2012: back to orange

With the return to orange in 2012, and the fact that their logo is still really, really cool, I’m willing to say that the Broncos will be doing a lot better in another year.

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