24. Philadelphia

Look, I’m trying to be unbiased in this list. I really am.

But I really hate the Eagles. I know the Cowboys’ primary rivals are the Redskins, but I don’t hate the Redskins nearly as badly as I hate the Eagles. There’s something about the entire organization that I can barely stomach. The only two bright spots are Andy Reid and Michael Vick’s redemption story. Everything else reeks.

This is just speculation on my part, but I’m confident that at least 60% of their roster is demon possessed.

Putting my bias aside, I still believe the Eagles’ current uniforms are disgusting, and I’m certain that the majority of residents outside of Pennsylvania would agree.

I am so glad DeSean Jackson plays for the Eagles.

So easy to hate.

In fairness, I have two things to say about the Eagles:

1. Their logo is pretty nifty.

2. Their older uniforms (with a much more palatable shade of green) are loads better.

...too bad the helmet is worse.


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