28. Minnesota Vikings

Like Kansas City, Minnesota was another long-time franchise that thought of their uniforms as classic and iconic, relatively unchanged for decades. But one day, a discussion took place in their offices that went something like this:

Suit #1: “Enough of this! We’ve been unsuccessful for far too long! Let’s shake things up!”
Suit #2: “Yeah! Let’s add those modern stripes that were all the rage in 1997!”
(entire room roars in approval)
Suit #1: “And let’s awkwardly line the swirly stripes in yellow!”
(massive applause)

And this is what they came up with:

Remember that rule where white actually makes the away uniforms better?

Dismiss it for a moment.

I actually think these uniforms would be a lot better if the horns on their helmets were actual horns that extended a good 8-12 inches from the helmet.

And then their logo, which looks like a Hell’s Angel wearing a viking helmet:

The Vikings are in my 5 worst uniforms of the NFL, which I consider to be the “Atrocious” division. Next up, the “Blah” division.

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