27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

During research, I read several individuals who referred to the Tampa Bay Bucs’ uniforms as “intimidating.”

Let me stop you right there, fella. These jerseys are not intimidating. The only sports team that has ever pulled off the color brown (sort of) is the Cleveland Browns. And I’m pretty sure that’s because they have to — it’s their name.

Sure, it’s not exactly “brown,” and the color in itself isn’t that bad.The problem is that it just doesn’t work with the Buccaneers’ particular shade of red.

Still not great, but better.

Okay, I changed my mind. This brown/gold/silver hybrid is terrible, and it ruins the Bucs’ uniforms.

At least their logo is pretty cool. They’re PIRATES, for crying out loud!

And it’s definitely better than their old one.

I’m pointing out the obvious, here, but their old logo is a bright orange, effeminate pirate with a creepy mustache and bushy sideburns…winking at you.

This looks like a patron attending a Castro District parade.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with their uniforms, but Tampa Bay has one of the coolest stadium features of all-time. They have a 103-foot pirate ship that fires cannons every time the team scores.

I'm sorry, but this is cool.

Change the brown(ish) to dark charcoal gray, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a jersey.

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