30. Buffalo Bills

My first memories of the Buffalo Bills are them losing the Super Bowl four years in a row. Sure, they set a record in “futility,” but let’s face it: they were the best team in the AFC for four years straight. Give them props for that.

Unfortunately, ever since then, they’ve been a plague upon the league. They spiraled downhill, and have yet to recover. I at least partially blame the uniforms.

Let’s start with the logo:

Is it wearing a cape? Is it a ninja sword? What is it? It’s read, it’s ugly, and I can’t figure out why it’s hooked on the buffalo’s horn.

Too confusing. Fail.

On to the uniforms:

I don’t have anything to say. Terrible. Even the white jerseys are terrible…

The Bills managed to take our patriotic colors and blend them into an abomination of epic proportions.

The good news: they have new uniforms for the upcoming season (leaked by Madden, of all things).

Buffalo Bills:

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One thought on “30. Buffalo Bills

  1. Scott Droddy says:

    waiting for Miami…lol

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