29. Kansas City Chiefs

Some teams have had the same uniforms for decades. Sometimes they did them right originally, and they should never be touched. Sometimes they should be touched….then punched in the face, strangled, buried in the desert, and left for the wolves to dig up.

These are the jerseys of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I’ve heard people talk about how “classic” the Chiefs’ jerseys are. I can’t explain their reasoning — I just thought I should mention it.

Are their away uniforms any better?


And to top it off, they have (perhaps) the worst logo in the league:

Yes, it’s a squiggly arrowhead. Yes, it’s an overlapping abbreviation for the city’s name. Yes, it is very…very…ugly. The more I look at these uniforms, the more I regret not starting them off at #32.

If a team has an incredible history, they are more likely to leave their uniforms as they are for many decades. The New York Yankees are one of my most-hated franchise, but when I see dark navy pinstripes on anything, I think Yankees. Not because the Yankees invented pinstripes, but because their continual success in the same uniforms cemented a permanent sense of nostalgia in their fans, as well as a continual hatred in their haters. The Yankees have an incredible history (bought with cold, hard cash), and their jerseys should never, ever change.

[SIDE NOTE] – I can’t wear pinstripes because of how badly I hate the Yankees. That’s a testament to how closely their uniforms are tied to their identity.

The Chiefs haven’t won a title since January 11, 1970. It’s been 41 years. It’s time for a change.

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