The NFL Uniform Series: 32 Days of Jerseys

It’s an embarrassing confession, but I have a bizarre obsession with critiquing sports jerseys. When I was a kid, I had notebooks full of uniforms I had created from scratch. I would close the bedroom door, bust out the colored pencils, and go jersey-drawin’ crazy for hours. When we bought our first computer (a Packard Bell), one of the first things I did was create a uniform template in Microsoft Paint and print out a few dozen so that I wouldn’t have to keep drawing the outline of the jerseys.

My obsession continues. The secondary reason I picked my favorite English Premier League team, Arsenal, was because of their really clean, classy, and downright beautiful kits (that’s what they call jerseys across the pond).

Perhaps no sport shows off a good, bad, or hilariously bad jersey than American football. You can’t really see the players’ faces, and they’re not wearing shorts. The helmets cover their heads, and the bulky padding underneath broadens the jersey real estate. It’s a massive canvas for a designer, for better or worse.

So I’m going to do something ridiculous: I’m going to rank the NFL’s 32 jerseys and logos from worst to best, one day at a time, for 32 days.

I needed an outlet for some stress, and for whatever reason, this relaxes me. Expect the first installment tomorrow night: the worst jersey in the NFL.

P.S. – I realize there’s only about two of you interested in reading this series of posts. I don’t care.

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2 thoughts on “The NFL Uniform Series: 32 Days of Jerseys

  1. Pumped about seeing your ranking.

  2. Scott Droddy says:

    Evidently I’m number 2…lol

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