(Warning, Baron Carson — this is a sports post)

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been sued by a New York-based jewelry company for $246,000 worth of bling that Bryant is allegedly late in paying.

Bryant’s most expensive purchase was a $60,000 custom charm bracelet. He made the purchases on four different days last year, spending as much as $144,000 on Feb. 8, 2010, according to court documents.

Dez Bryant is making between $1.680,000 – $2,410,000 per year from his five-year contract with the Cowboys (before taxes). That’s quite a bit of money, but spending a quarter of a million dollars on jewelry is downright stupid — there’s really no other word for it.

78% of NFL players go bankrupt within two years of retirement. If the NFL or its teams really cared about the players they claim to value, it might be a positive step forward to contractually obligate players to attend a sequence of financial planning seminars to help learn to save, invest, and NOT SPEND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON SHINY GARBAGE!

When combined with Bryant’s other recent mishaps, this is getting downright embarrassing for us Cowboy fans.

At least Jessica Simpson isn’t hanging around any longer.

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