Even More Reasons to Hate AT&T

AT&T has yet another problem on its hands. Have you ever heard of New York City? You know…Broadway, Yankees, television, Letterman, millions of people, most famous city in the world…

AT&T has apparently stopped selling the iPhone to residents of the Big Apple.

I was on the AT&T Wireless website trying to get an iPhone. However, when I put in my zip code 11231, the site says the iPhone is unavailable. This seemed a little odd so I started punching in other famous zip codes: 90210, 60609 (spiegel catalog), 02134 (zoom, an old children’s show).For theses cities, LA, Chicago, Boston, iPhone is available. Then I looked up some other zip codes: Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Francisco. All those cities are ok. Then I started putting in more NYC zip codes: midtown, Staten Island, the Bronx…no iPhone available.

This is weird…AT&T has cut off New York City.

The reason for cutting off NYC: AT&T’s 3G network cannot handle the traffic created by iPhone users.

AT&T has already threatened to charge people more for heavy data usage, even though they’ve already paid for AT&T’s “unlimited data plan.” They’ve also taken Verizon to court for displaying the truth about AT&T’s 3G coverage in commercials.

Need another reason to hate AT&T? They have spent more money than any other company in attempts to butter up politicians from 1989-2009, topping the list at $44,027,485. I wonder how much of that $44 million could have been spent on upgrading their sub-par network.

Speculation by tech pundits is that Apple is announcing an end to its exclusivity contract with AT&T sometime in 2010, and will likely offer the iPhone through other carriers, Verizon place on top of most people’s lists. If this is true, prepare to see a mass exodus of iPhone users as soon as their 2-year contracts are up. Some are livid enough to jump ship and pay the hefty charge for breaking their contract early.

Good luck, AT&T. I applaud you for a job poorly done.

*slow clap*

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