AT&T vs. Verizon (FIGHT!)

Remember when you’re a kid, and you were involved in some sort of innocent group activity, then some kid gets aggravated for something minor and wails off and punches another kid in the face?

Did you immediately pounce into action, separate them, and shout, “ALL RIGHT! BREAK IT UP! LET’S ALL JUST THINK CLEARLY HERE!”

Of course not. You did what all the other kids did. You started chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” and you enjoyed the next twenty seconds more than you would your entire birthday.

It’s a terrible flaw in the human psyche: we love fights.

Why do you think millions of people gather around televisions across the world to watch every single UFC event? Grown men, some of them fairly sensible (fairly, or “barely?”), pummel each other in the face, twist arms and legs into unnatural angles, scream into television cameras, then throw on t-shirts within seconds of winning a fight that have roughly seven dozen logos plastered across them.

The Romans had their gladiators. We have our UFC. The Middle Ages had their jousting. We have our Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Victorian aristocrats had their duels. We have our Dancing With the Stars.

Yes…that last one was out of place.

But you get the idea. This is why I am absolutely filled with glee about AT&T and Verizon getting into a little spat with each other over Verizon’s feisty (but accurate) commercials that show just how widespread its 3G coverage is when compared to AT&T’s.

As a brilliant centerpiece of the commercial, Verizon pokes fun at AT&T/Apple with “There’s a map for that,” wittily playing off the annoying popular “There’s an app for that” commercials.

But now AT&T is suing Verizon. Why? Because’ they claim that the advertisements are intentionally misleading about AT&T’s network, implying that the white areas on the map don’t get coverage.

What this proves is what I’ve been claiming about AT&T for years: either they’re sleazeballs who are trying to kill an effective ad by manipulating the legal system or THEY THINK WE’RE IDIOTS.

The map is accurate. Period.

What Verizon is proving is that they have a far superior 3G coverage area. AT&T isn’t even trying to dispute that point. AT&T lagged behind in preparing their network, so now they’re being slaughtered by Verizon in regards to widespread coverage quality.

(quick note) – If you want to know the different between 3G and regular cell coverage (regular coverage being what AT&T is apparently so proud of), all you have to know is that 3G is like broadband Internet while AT&T’s EDGE network is like dial-up. Translation: EDGE is like a reminder of the days when you signed onto AOL, but were first greeted by a long and painful “WEEEEEEEEKKKKRRRRRRRCCCCCKKKKKKKEEEEEEBBBBRRRKKKK” sound before you logged on and waited ten minutes for a simple web page to load.

I’m in one of AT&T’s 3G-available regions of the country, but I still get horrible coverage. I can’t even carry on a conversation with confidence that it won’t get disconnected while at my house (again, inside AT&T’s 3G region). I’ve not only thought about switching to Verizon one day, but doing so even if it meant leaving my iPhone behind.

So AT&T, keep your lawsuits going. You’re looking like an even bigger jerk than people thought you were.


UPDATE: Verizon’s response to AT&T’s lawsuit?

“AT&T did not file this lawsuit because Verizon’s “There’s A Map For That” advertisements are untrue; AT&T sued because Verizon’s ads are true and the truth hurts.”



4 thoughts on “AT&T vs. Verizon (FIGHT!)

  1. Jeremytodd says:

    I really like this blog. I remember the lovely days back in the big city of Sarepta(in case you’ve never heard of it, that was sarcasm). But those were the days before I switched to AT&T. Back then I could text with no problem, call with no problem, get on the internet with no problem, and last but not least I could get a girlfriend with no problem. Upon graduating and moving to the small country town of Bossier City, I made the bright idea of switching to AT&T because my girlfriend had it. And it was the smartest thing we could think to do seeing that she had it we could now talk for free. Unfortunately we broke up…

    Moral of the story is AT&T not only has less maps, but they leave you all alone, even after your girlfriend is gone.

    The End.

    Vote Verizon

  2. James says:

    Red States vs. Blue States? Political overtones here? ha.

  3. Chris Hunter says:

    Hey! Is there a blog here or what?

  4. […] already paid for AT&T’s “unlimited data plan.” They’ve also taken Verizon to court for displaying the truth about AT&T’s 3G coverage in […]

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