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The Lord’s Prayer – 2 Years Old

How many of you can quote the Lord’s prayer?

How many can sing it?

How many are willing to sing it in front of a camera?

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Kanye West: Internet Meme

Kanye West himself is responsible for a new Internet meme.

Highly criticized for his interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA awards (even President Obama got involved), Kanye’s bizarre behavior has created new fodder for the web’s useless content creators. Useless…but hilarious.

The following video was up and running within about an hour of the incident:

Kanye Creation

Kanye West

Kanye Shaq

Kanye Martin Luther King

Kanye West

Thanks to the article at Comedy Central, linked to by, for the material.

The Boys

I’ve been slaving away at edits for a while, but did get to go to Shannon & Charidy’s house to celebrate B.E. Stanley’s birthday. The boys were there, and as is their custom, providing us with some entertainment: