Apple: Really Superior?

Just ask the consumers. Actually, ask the most trusted source for consumers everywhere: Consumer Reports.

The new overview from the researchers’ June report gives the Mac portables the lead in every size category, ranging from near-ultraportables up through desktop replacements. Consumer Reports’ study covers not only performance but design, versatility, the screen quality and battery life.

In the 17- to 18-inch category, the 17-inch MacBook Pro extended the gap even further, notching 80 points where the best Windows PC again earned a score of 64. Symbolically embarrassing for Microsoft, the exact same HP Pavilion dv7 that actress Lauren thought was a better deal in the first Microsoft commercial placed well behind Apple’s contender, sitting in fourth place with 59.

Everyone loves graphs, right? Notice the top two computers on the first one…



Consider just how wide the lead is here:


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2 thoughts on “Apple: Really Superior?

  1. Another day. Another win!

    Rumor has it Apple may try to buy Twitter too…

    • ryanaustindean says:

      Eeeeehhhhhhhh, I’m not sure I like that idea. The tightly-knit, iLife-esque integration would be nice, but I like these companies separate, for the most part.

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