This is Why I Hate the Government

White House Air Force One Photo Op: $328,835

President Barack Obama ordered a review of a publicity-photo shoot with one of the planes that serves as Air Force One that cost taxpayers $328,835 and caused a furor in New York City.

Obama said he wasn’t informed in advance of yesterday’s low-altitude flight over New York Harbor, which rattled windows in New York’s financial district and prompted some office workers to flee buildings in fear it was a terrorist attack.

“It was a mistake,” Obama said today before a meeting at FBI headquarters in Washington. “It will not happen again.”

I’m not blaming Obama. I’m not blaming any one particular person. I’m not blaming the military.

I am blaming the entire governmental system. All of it.

Not only did they approve a meaningless waste of tax money (again…that’s $328,835), but they scared the mess out of New York citizens who saw a low-flying plane and understandably thought it was 9/11 all over again. So this was not just wasteful, but plain (Oooo…pun intended) stupid on the part of whoever was part of this whole operation.

One thought on “This is Why I Hate the Government

  1. Matt says:

    Wow. AIG can’t give bonuses to executives because its wasteful, but the pres can spend over a quarter million on a photoshoot for one pic.

    I knew photography was the right career!

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