Eyemasters + Vizio + Hulu = Weird

Adjust your creepometer to 11, and read the following article from Telegraph.co.uk: “Televisions ‘to be fitted in contact lenses within ten years'”

The sets would be powered by the viewer’s body heat, according to Ian Pearson, a so-called “futurologist” who has advised leading companies including BT on new technologies.

Mr Pearson told the Daily Mail he believed that channels could be changed by voice command or via a wave of the hand.

In other words, on Super Bowl Sunday, your pastor could be preaching a message while 90% of the males in the audience will be shuffling in their seats, giggling at commercials, and jumping up and screaming in celebration…all while attending church.

If you go to a Pentecostal church, as I do, this might not seem so out of place, but I’m sure some of our Catholic friends would be telling stories of their neighbor Karl, who lept into the air and screamed, “Yes! THANK YOU, GOD!” during the Eucharist.

Later on in the article, things just get kind of weird…

Meanwhile “emotional viewing” could be another development in television technology, according to a report commissioned by the technology retailer Comet.

A “digital tattoo” fitted to the viewer would pick up on the feelings of characters on screen and create impulses causing them to feel the same way.

The development could see James Bond fans become able feel the thrill of a high-speed car chase or sports fans allowed to share the joy of elated players, it said.

“We could even get to the point where we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in a football game, making it feel like you’re running alongside your favourite player or berating the ref,” the report added.

Frickin’ frightening, if you ask me. But wait…

Miriam Rayman, of the Future Laboratory consultancy, which compiled the report, said the basic technology needed for the developments already existed.

She said: “The technology is getting smaller and smaller and people are trying to work out how to make it more immersible. They are trying to bring it closer and closer to the eye.”

You know how everyone has to freeze and help someone search for their contact when it falls on the ground…

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One thought on “Eyemasters + Vizio + Hulu = Weird

  1. Victoria says:

    I think that just turned my creepometer to about a thousand.

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