Suddenlink: Part 2

Well, I have some interesting news.

Suddenlink called me. You might think, “Oh, well, that’s normal. Just a follow-up call.”

Nooo, they actually called because someone read my blog post, Suddenlink…We’re Disconnecteeeee-ed! Apparently it was read by someone at Suddenlink and passed on to him (the general manager over Suddenlink’s offices in this area).

He voiced his concern over what could’ve been done differently in my situation. He expressed an interest in what happened with my connection, and seemed genuinely concerned about the service that Suddenlink representatives had given me.

He sounded sincere and friendly enough to make me almost regret disconnecting from the company. I’ve already put some money back into returning to AT&T, so it’s not possible at this point to keep my Suddenlink connection, but if you’re thinking about Suddenlink, my experience with them today did a lot to instill some more confidence into the service they’re capable of providing.

Let me be clear about a few things:

1. No one at Suddenlink was ever rude to me. When I signed up, the employees at the story were more than friendly. When I had trouble, their rep on the phone was friendly. The guy who came and serviced my connection was also very friendly.

2. My problems with Suddenlink have had nothing to do with their customer support (sans the 8MB/10MB fiasco); they focuses singularly on the company’s seeming inability to fix my connection. I’m not sure what the reasons behind it are, but it’s enough for me to switch back to AT&T.

I admit I was stunned to receive a call (particularly since it involved attention drawn to this blog) from Suddenlink (I’m refraining from using his name for privacy concerns). I don’t believe he was simply portraying the concerned manager; he really did sound like he cared about the issue.

Question: Do I feel badly about my previous post concerning Suddenlink after today’s phone call?

Answer: I admit…I do feel just a bit of regret.

Hey, at least they’re not Comcast, right?


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