Suddenlink…We’re Disconnecteeeee-ed!

*In case you’re wondering about the title, you have to sing it*

Suddenlink crap

After roughly 10 months of service, I’m saying bye bye to Suddelink and their so-called 10MB connection. I’ll detail the process (and why you should be careful with them and every other connection company).

I experienced several outages with my AT&T DSL connection over the course of two years (it was only a 3MB connection for $39 per month). I was slightly dissatisfied, so I clicked on Suddenlink’s web page and was shocked…shocked to see they were offering 8MB connections for $45 (at the time). Amazing difference, right? After all, I download lots of podcasts, music, and videos from iTunes. I also do a little gaming online. I could always use a little speed boost.

At the Suddenlink store, I signed up for the 8MB Internet and home phone plan. The woman said, “We’ll give you two free upgrade months for a 10MB connection, and then we’ll drop it down to 8MB unless you want to keep it. It sounded great.

Anyways, I first noticed problems the first night, when I turn on my computer and discovered that YouTube videos locked up frequently and almost never loaded quickly enough to watch a video without it hanging. Then I notice Hulu didn’t work stream videos without locking up indefinitely. Then Netflix. There had to be a problem, right?

I ran a speed test to make sure I was getting 10MB. The first few results showed that I was actually getting about 10.5MB down; I should’ve been ecstatic. Unfortunately, having a 10MB connection means nothing if it performs like a 1MB connection.

I dealt with it for ten months, then decided to cut off the home phone since Shari didn’t need it for her old job anymore. I made quite a discover that not only did they never downgrade the connection to 8MB like they said they would, but also kept charging me for 10MB.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Ryan, why didn’t you see it on the statement?” You have a very valid point. I did the incredibly naive thing: I took them for their word. Also, I just assumed when I upgraded to a home phone number as well that it was part of the upgrade cost.

NEVER, EVER trust a company, particularly companies that serve as your ISP.

I did finally have a guy come over to take a look to find out why my connection wasn’t performing properly. A customer service rep had noticed some mess-ups while running tests over the phone; this guy had come to figure out what the problem was.

Long story short: Suddenlink says it’s not their fault. “It’s nothing on the cable end,” he said. It’s not your modem or anything, either, but there must be a problem with a server in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. In other words, “It’s our fault, but it’s not our fault, and we can’t help you.”

So as of Friday, January 23, I’ll have switched back to AT&T. I’ll be down to a 6MB connection, but it should work much, much better than my current one when it comes to streaming videos (I’ll also be able to link up to ESPN 360, a service unavailable to Suddenlink customers).

Plus, I’ll be saving $32 per month ($384 per year, for you math-challenged folks out there).

Goodbye, Suddenlink. And good riddance.


7 thoughts on “Suddenlink…We’re Disconnecteeeee-ed!

  1. Chris Hunter says:

    Keep me updated on the new AT&T service, will ya?

    May switch to them later this year. We have AT&T where we’re staying and I’ve never had a problem with the service, but I think that all we’re getting is the 3MB service, which downloads pretty well and fast.

    Who are you following on ESPN 360?

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Dude, I’ll let you know for sure, but I can guarantee you that the extra 3MB would be nice, almost regardless of what your Internet activities involve.

    ESPN 360 has let me watch some European soccer games and golf matches that I never get a chance to see.

  3. Chris Hunter says:

    My “Internet activities”? MY “Internet activities”?!?!

    What are you IMPLYING, sir? That I would partake in anything less than pure and legal?!!?

    If so…

    Sigh. Then you’re right.

    I’ll see YOU in the morning.

  4. ryanaustindean says:


    LOL…but you definitely guilted yourself into perceiving the wrong message. There are quite a few legal, bandwidth-sucking services out there. Not everyone who needs zippy service is a torrent addict.

  5. Chris Hunter says:

    Sir, you wound me to the deepest recesses of my soul with such remarks.

    But I’ll be ok.

    I actually used Hulu earlier to watch the new episode of Battlestar Galactica. My router dies when I try to download torrents over my wireless connection. For reason it can’t handle the load.

    You seen this week’s The Office? That’s on my to-do list for tomorrow night…

  6. […] they actually called because someone read my blog post, Suddenlink…We’re Disconnecteeeee-ed! Apparently it was read by someone at Suddenlink and passed on to […]

  7. Baron says:

    I can’t stand SuddenLink either! I’m paying for an 8mb connection and on average I’m getting 2.5mb. They have sent technicians to the house but they can’t find any issues. Best I can tell they have sold more bandwidth than they can support. I’m going to have to give DLS a chance.

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