The Military and Obama

From the 2008 Military Times poll: Wary about Obama

I’m just saying…

Obama military leery

Only 33% of the military is optimistic about Obama’s upcoming presidency, apparently.

Again, I’m just directing you to the story.



4 thoughts on “The Military and Obama

  1. Canuck Gtrplyr says:

    I wonder what the poll would show if we asked the same people their thoughts on GWB?

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    We have 8 years of falling polls to look at for that. 🙂 I would like to see a W poll from the military to see how well it matches up to the general public.

    I figured that the argument some could go with would be, “Well, the largest segment of the poll said they were ‘uncertain,’ not pessimistic.”

  3. Canuck Gtrplyr says:

    I’ve always been a believer in the war in Afghanistan (we have had troops there in combat roles since it started), and have also always felt that the war in Iraq was seriously detrimental to the success of our efforts in Afghanistan.

    So, I support the concept of redirecting troops and focus to Afghanistan, where it should have been the whole time. Having said that, you just can’t cut and run from Iraq until the job is done now either.

    I sit firmly in the middle, or even lean to the left a little in my political beliefs. Having said that, it is a shame the Republicans ran a person who was way too old to run, who made some crucial campaign mistakes, and who chose a freak for a VP nominee. I would have been interested in the election results had the GOP run better candidates against Obama.

    p.s. Your recent photos have rocked!

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Afghanistan was 100% necessary, supported by almost the entire country. Things went steadily, terribly wrong for GWB from Iraq onward.

    McCain’s last shot at President should’ve been 2000. I think it was incredibly selfish for him to have run in ’08 when he had to know he would portray the Republican party as archaic and detached (his personality didn’t help). Then again, the GOP were responsible for nominating him, so it can’t be entirely his fault.

    Mitt Romney probably would’ve been the best bet in the general election, but he was almost too polished for his own good.

    Regardless, it’s all ancient history now. The next few years should be interesting.

    Also, thank you very, very much about the pictures. I’ll be trying some different stuff in ’09, and I’m a little nervous about how it will be received.

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