Mad, Mad World

While reading through this story on FOX News, I found the following photo.

Palestinian Boy

That boy can’t be much older than my nephew, Lincoln.

I’ll leave the commentary out of it, but this photo put me in a mellow state this morning.


One thought on “Mad, Mad World

  1. Thom says:

    Greetings, happened to blogroll here then, interesting where you end up with random use of Google 😀

    As a someone who has traveled in Palestine, Israel, Europe and in the U.S, it is hard to describe the differences in ones press reporting. In Europe today, I mostly find quite balanced reviews about the situation where as in the U.S being fundamentally pro-Israel and reporting everything merely from Israel’s viewpoint is part of the culture. People in Gaza are trapped in a huge concentration camp-setting (been there, also saw how men were humiliated by forcing them to make push-up’s from the ground by Israeli checkpoint soldiers with Uzis) and are unable to leave often and find it increasingly hard to visit any relatives in the West Bank since Israel blocks everything between. When desperate people who see no progress of peace, have restricted access to food, heating, education and healthcare, then support militant organization such as Hamas (which im not a fan of) one shouldn’t be surprised.

    Then when the rockets (which are often actually homemade and less serious than one would pressume, especially compared to IDF) cause casualties of 1 or 2 Israelis, Israeli government responds with an attack plan of massive power which has at this point killed over 500 people including 85 children according to reports on the spot. One of my Palestinian friends witnessed a certain old man dying during the 1990’s when he couldn’t drag his wheelchair to safety when Israel randomly bombed the refugee camp they lived at. The bombing was collective punishment of some suicide-bombing that a some Palestinian terrorist did 2 weeks earlier in Hebron. The bombing caused 2 casualties where as Israel’s “collective punishment” killed 27 civilians.

    An elder refugee (Palestinian, b.1921) still remembers the times when the state of Israel was born. He remembers invasion, Deir Yassin massacre, restless times, Jews only-signs at the colonnies and water supply places and the bulldozing of their uncles farm from the way of an Israels new settlement. He also remembers when their relatives and 50 000 other Palestinians where evicted by armed Israeli troops from their homes at Lydda without their properties, food or water. His cousins 2 infants died during this forced death march of Palestinian refugees, all civilians. Men who refused to leave their homes where shot by Israelis in front of their family as the area was to be for Jews only as assigned by Ben-Gurion.

    After all this behind, the Palestinians are evil terrorists and Israel is a noble state which defends liberty and justice for all as the American press usually finds it to be. So I do hope that by spreading the other side of the story around, I’ll be able bring a bit balance as I do when meeting with my U.S friends or writing to an U.S based blog as this.

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