Mr. White: Ninja or Terrorist?

It gets funnier every day, folks…

From FOX News: Lego-Style Islamic Terrorist Figurine Sparks Outrage

A Lego-style figurine resembling an Islamic terrorist strapped with explosives and made by a small American company has caused an uproar among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The jarring toy has outraged the British Muslim organization known as the Ramadhan Foundation, which called the figurine “absolutely disgusting,” according to Sky News.

The foundation’s chief executive, Mohammed Shafiq, complained that the toy is “glorifying terrorism.”


LEGO-like figures that resemble terrorists marketed as the “bad guy” are glorifying terrorism?

That’s funny…I was under the impression that people dancing in the streets after Islamic fundamentalists fly planes into buildings resulting in over 3,000 lives lost, storming into historic hotels in India to gun down innocents, and violently rioting in the streets over political cartoons that depicted little more than obvious truths was glorifying (or acting out) terrorism.

I’ve been wrong all this time.

The REAL culprit is this guy: MR. WHITE!

Mr. White

Mr. White

One thought on “Mr. White: Ninja or Terrorist?

  1. Corey Austin says:

    how did you get the ak-47,usp.45,m-2 frags,and ruber band thingy

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