The Crescent News Network

CNN. “Clinton News Network.” “Crescent News Network.” “Completely Naive Network.” Just plain stupid network…

As you can tell, I’m not a fan. Here’s yet another reason to not like them…

From Wales Online – “We thought we were safe… then CNN stepped in!”

A SOUTH Wales couple caught in the Mumbai terror attacks claimed last night that CNN put their lives at risk by broadcasting where they were.

Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, of Penarth, warned that terrorists were listening in to the media to pinpoint Western victims.

Mrs Shaw claimed the American cable TV channel had broadcast details of where they were at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

She has appealed to the media to be careful with the information it broadcasts because safety could be compromised and lives lost.

Even home safely, the couple is clearly still aggravated.

From her home in Penarth yesterday, Mrs Shaw said: “We have been asked by the British terror police not to talk to the press.

“But the reason I would not want to talk to anyone is because our safety was actually compromised by CNN, which broadcast where we were.

“The terrorists were watching CNN and they came down from where they were in a lift after hearing about us on television. For that reason I would appeal to the media to be very careful about what they broadcast.


Okay, so that’s not the point (and it’s kind of ridiculous), but clearly CNN wasn’t thinking this one all the way through.

Why broadcast the location of still-breathing victims while they’re still at risk? CNN needs to apologize. Instead they say this:

A spokesman for CNN, said: “CNN has received no complaint from any individual regarding our coverage and their safety. We take such matters very seriously.

“We had CNN and Turner Broadcasting employees staying trapped at the Taj hotel during the attacks, and were vigilant about anything we broadcast that could compromise the safety of those inside.

“We are not aware of the allegedly compromising broadcast, but even in the absence of key details such as when and where, we will continue to check.”


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