A Different Face for the Holidays

I feel a little different about the upcoming 2008 holiday season.

Bush's Turkey

Sure, the economy is causing widespread panic, people are still experiencing post-election shock/euphoria, and certain economists think every American will be digging in dumpsters by 2012, but for some reason I’m really happy about the holiday season.

I’ve typically addressed each year’s Christmas season with an eye roll and a can of mousse (I know it might seem strange), primarily because of the rampant consumerism. The irritability of every living, breathing human doesn’t help either. Also, did you know that crowds make me borderline homicidal?

But 2008 is different. I’m going to be doing my shopping online. I will deftly avoid crowds. I’ll time my going/leaving work to get around the worst traffic, which consists mostly of panicking upper middle-class soccer moms having quasi-Tourette’s syndrome cursefests who are dying to beat others to the Boardwalk. Believe it or not, I’m even going to be listening to healthy doses of Christmas music (insert shock here).

I’m going to have a great holiday season. The reasons: I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my families, Shari is graduating college, I have loads to be thankful for, I’ll have finally finished editing all the wedding photos from November (at least I’d better have by mid-December), and I have too blessed of a life to not enjoy these times.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Let’s just pray this strange elation continues all the way through New Year’s.


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