How Bad is Your Day?

Think that you just can’t catch a break?

Tell that to Jessica Brothers; she’s been bitten by a shark and just after having been hit by a car…while she was walking.

Bull Shark

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First, Brothers was hit by a car as she was working (she’s works as an EMT in North Carolina), breaking her right wrist. Two months later, she’s out surfing with her family, and gets bitten in the leg by a bull shark.

In 2007, only 50 people (out of 300,000,000+) in the United States were chomped by a shark. Statistics also show that you have about a 0.5% chance of getting hit by a car. Jessica beat the odds not once, but twice.

The worst part about the shark attack wasn’t picking out seven shark teeth with tweezers from her leg (and four or five more at the ER later). It wasn’t even the 120 external and 40 internal stitches required to close up the wound. Well, maybe it was…but to add insult to injury, NO ONE BELIEVED HER!

When shown pictures of the wound, her swim coach asked, “Seriously, whose leg is this?”

Her boss at the EMT unit listened to her story, but interrupted with, “Look, do you just need a day off?”

Her mom didn’t even believe her when Jessica explained that the reason that she didn’t immediately return her phone calls was because she was being treated for a shark bite. “Right,” she said. “I’m coming over with a camera.”

Bad story, right? Jessica is still recovering from a dislocated right shoulder that required surgery after she slipped and fell down some stairs in her dorm room.

Long story short: stop whining and BE GRATEFUL that you’re not Jessica Brothers.


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