I accidentally fell asleep this evening when I got home, so I’m editing photos late again. I just have a few things to throw out there…

1. Roomba Driver!

2. Prayer request: Annalyse Hopkins is doing pretty well in Dallas, recovering from her major car wreck, but she still needs your prayers (as does her family). Let’s not forget her, especially you L1FT members out there.

3. A lot of questions have been brought up about the Twilight series of books that quite a few girls in the youth group are reading. Firstly, Shari and I aren’t reading the novels (but we’ve told the students we might, so that we could see if there’s anything questionable in them). Secondly, they shouldn’t be bringing them to Kingston if that’s where they go to school; Bro. Martin prohibits them. Lastly, I am currently studying up on the series, and will hopefully have some solid details for some parents out there.

4. If you haven’t checked out the new L1FT.org (and RealityYouth.org), you need to.

That’s all. Now I’ve got to get back to work.


3 thoughts on “Quickly…

  1. Chris Hunter says:

    Yeah, that whole series has really captivated young females and middle age females in a way that I’ve never seen before.

    The only thing that I’ve ever seen come close is the Harry Potter books, but females seem more drawn to this Twilight series.

    And it’s a series about vampires and werewolves and other horror fantasy elements. I was really surprised by that.

    I haven’t read any of them, but I’ve worked with several women who have and they love them.

    I may need to check it out to see what the fuss is about.

  2. Chris Hunter says:


    Also, if the youth are wanting to read some good Christian-themed fiction, I’d suggest just about anything from Frank Peretti. I loved This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness when I read them years ago.

    I also started reading a book by Ted Dekker (Thr3e) a few months back, but didn’t have the time to finish it. He has many books available and I know that the Christian bookstores promote and sell them.

  3. Ken says:

    Real quick, I read these with my girlfriend before they got huge on a whim and it’s not the vampires and werewolves that sucks in the girls, it’s the love story.

    There’s some angsty teen steamy moments, and being realistic, nothing you wouldn’t see walking around a high school, but nothing I think you would blush about reading with a parent or pastor.

    Of course, the attraction aside, ya still are dealing with vamps and ‘wolves so, ya’lls call 🙂 I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed em, however shallow the story line is haha. But the vampires and werewolves are pretty tame compared to say, ann rice’s descriptions. In fact, really tame haha.

    Late to the post I know, and you’ve probably already made a decision, but my two cents atleast 😉

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