Crazy Joggers

I’m always having difficulty seeing joggers. I’ll swing around the road that leads to my house and, “AGGGHHHH! JOGGER!” Then I’ll swerve a bit to get out of their way, and they’re completely oblivious to the whole ordeal.

Recently a man in our church named David Bailey (who also happens to be somewhat of a neighbor of mine) was jogging in our neighborhood, and apparently I passed too close to him. I was just trying to kind of give him a goofy/serious look and crack him up. Unfortunately, I must’ve not kept a sizable difference between my car and his entire body, cause later he was like, “I think you were trying to kill me!”

Sorry, Bro. David!

My ‘hood (due to my crackerness, it sounds even funnier than it reads) is filled with joggers. I deftly avoid them with my Element every day, so they’re usually on my mind. All of this makes this news story (passed along by Baron) even funnier…

From BreitBart: Jogger runs mile with rabid fox locked on her arm.

With a fox locked onto her arm, an Arizona jogger ran a mile to her car, where she was able to dislodge the animal, throw it into the trunk and drive to a Prescott hospital. The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said the fox, which later attacked an animal control officer, tested positive for rabies.

The unidentified Chino Valley resident told deputies she was on a trail Monday at the base of Granite Mountain when the fox attacked, biting her foot. The woman said she grabbed it by the neck when it went for her leg and it latched onto her arm.

Thinking the fox was rabid, she wanted to make sure it didn’t get away so she ran to her car, where she was able to pry open its jaws, wrap it in a sweat shirt and toss it into the trunk.

Silly joggers.


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