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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

For your viewing pleasure, the Swedish Chef prepares the Thanksgiving turkey:


A Different Face for the Holidays

I feel a little different about the upcoming 2008 holiday season.

Bush's Turkey

Sure, the economy is causing widespread panic, people are still experiencing post-election shock/euphoria, and certain economists think every American will be digging in dumpsters by 2012, but for some reason I’m really happy about the holiday season.

I’ve typically addressed each year’s Christmas season with an eye roll and a can of mousse (I know it might seem strange), primarily because of the rampant consumerism. The irritability of every living, breathing human doesn’t help either. Also, did you know that crowds make me borderline homicidal?

But 2008 is different. I’m going to be doing my shopping online. I will deftly avoid crowds. I’ll time my going/leaving work to get around the worst traffic, which consists mostly of panicking upper middle-class soccer moms having quasi-Tourette’s syndrome cursefests who are dying to beat others to the Boardwalk. Believe it or not, I’m even going to be listening to healthy doses of Christmas music (insert shock here).

I’m going to have a great holiday season. The reasons: I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my families, Shari is graduating college, I have loads to be thankful for, I’ll have finally finished editing all the wedding photos from November (at least I’d better have by mid-December), and I have too blessed of a life to not enjoy these times.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Let’s just pray this strange elation continues all the way through New Year’s.

How Bad is Your Day?

Think that you just can’t catch a break?

Tell that to Jessica Brothers; she’s been bitten by a shark and just after having been hit by a car…while she was walking.

Bull Shark

Article found at

First, Brothers was hit by a car as she was working (she’s works as an EMT in North Carolina), breaking her right wrist. Two months later, she’s out surfing with her family, and gets bitten in the leg by a bull shark.

In 2007, only 50 people (out of 300,000,000+) in the United States were chomped by a shark. Statistics also show that you have about a 0.5% chance of getting hit by a car. Jessica beat the odds not once, but twice.

The worst part about the shark attack wasn’t picking out seven shark teeth with tweezers from her leg (and four or five more at the ER later). It wasn’t even the 120 external and 40 internal stitches required to close up the wound. Well, maybe it was…but to add insult to injury, NO ONE BELIEVED HER!

When shown pictures of the wound, her swim coach asked, “Seriously, whose leg is this?”

Her boss at the EMT unit listened to her story, but interrupted with, “Look, do you just need a day off?”

Her mom didn’t even believe her when Jessica explained that the reason that she didn’t immediately return her phone calls was because she was being treated for a shark bite. “Right,” she said. “I’m coming over with a camera.”

Bad story, right? Jessica is still recovering from a dislocated right shoulder that required surgery after she slipped and fell down some stairs in her dorm room.

Long story short: stop whining and BE GRATEFUL that you’re not Jessica Brothers.


I accidentally fell asleep this evening when I got home, so I’m editing photos late again. I just have a few things to throw out there…

1. Roomba Driver!

2. Prayer request: Annalyse Hopkins is doing pretty well in Dallas, recovering from her major car wreck, but she still needs your prayers (as does her family). Let’s not forget her, especially you L1FT members out there.

3. A lot of questions have been brought up about the Twilight series of books that quite a few girls in the youth group are reading. Firstly, Shari and I aren’t reading the novels (but we’ve told the students we might, so that we could see if there’s anything questionable in them). Secondly, they shouldn’t be bringing them to Kingston if that’s where they go to school; Bro. Martin prohibits them. Lastly, I am currently studying up on the series, and will hopefully have some solid details for some parents out there.

4. If you haven’t checked out the new (and, you need to.

That’s all. Now I’ve got to get back to work.

Bridals: Jana Adcock

It’s still so funny to write out Jana’s new last name.

We had the unique privilege of taking Jana’s bridals at the legendary Aunt Gene’s Farm. It was a gorgeous day at a gorgeous place, and I considered it an honor to be able to shoot the engagements, bridals, and wedding of two of my best friends. Thank y’all so much!

Their wedding pictures should be coming up before the end of the week, but I wanted to get these out there, since I’m no longer under bridal shot embargo.

Daily Mail: Mysterious Glowering Aurora over Saturn Confounds Scientists

A stunning light display over Saturn has stumped scientists who say it behaves unlike any other planetary aurora known in our solar system.

The blueish-green glow was found over the ringed planet’s north polar region just like Earth’s northern lights.

It was discovered by the infrared instruments on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Aurora Saturn

As cheesy as it might sound, all I can think of when I read these articles and look at these pictures is that God’s creation is ridiculously powerful and beautiful.

Scientists can look for millennia, and still find things that completely baffle them as inexplicable and amazing.

Just Some Pics

I haven’t posted some pics of my family lately, so I thought I’d share these of Shari, Harrison, and Lincoln.

This one looked unusable in Lightroom, but we fancied it up a bit and hopefully made it into something kinda cool…


Shari asked Harrison, “What is your name…John Wayne?”

He looked at her with a confused look on his face and responded, “No…my name is Cowboy.”

Cowboy Walkin'

Guess who just turned eight? EIGHT!


Mac Man

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit he has good taste in computers.

From the MacNN article, President-Elect Obama Uncovered as a Mac user – A really good shot of the President-elect:

Obama - Mac user


People keep sending me incredible videos, and I keep feeling obligated to Spread the Wealth™ (trademarked by Obama Inc.).

It’s amazing how so many talented people do something almost completely useless (but still awesome) with said talents. This kid amazed me…

Thanks to Jonah (Jonah & Melissa) for the link!

Why the Internet Rules

Summed up by a single video that runs for four minutes, ten seconds.

Credit to Chris Hunter for the direct link via Twitter.