Flamingo Flogging

From BreitBart.com: Australians charged over attack on 75-year-old blind flamingo

Flamingo Injured in Australia

Four Australian teenagers were charged Thursday with attacking an almost blind greater flamingo that is believed to be the oldest bird of its kind in the world, police and zoo officials said.

The flamingo’s head and beak were injured and it was bleeding from an eye after the attack at Adelaide Zoo that left it in a critical condition, zoo staff said.

“The bird arrived at the zoo in 1933 and was a mature bird at that stage,” a spokeswoman for the zoo told AFP. “So although we don’t know it’s exact age it is at least 75 years old — much older than they grow in the wild.”

The zoo’s website describes the bird as “undoubtedly the oldest flamingo in the world,” adding that despite its great age its quality of life was very good.

With every year that passes, I find myself getting a bit more protective of animals. Maybe it’s because of the dozens and dozens of shark documentaries that I’ve watched since I was but a wee lad, but I’m borderline WWF material these days (the world wildlife fund, not the World Wrestling Federation).

When I was younger…not so much. For those of you who are privileged enough to know the story of the “Hummingbird Incident of 1995, please keep it a secret until everyone eventually forgets.

But why would these kids hurt this flamingo? I’m sure they didn’t realize that it’s basically the Methuselah of birds and was the equivalent of running down their grandmother with a Hummer, but should that have made a difference?

Humans just have this cruel streak within us, and we all have to beat it out of ourselves (probably not the best phrasing considering the flamingo story). You might be repulsed by the story of these kids mauling an elderly flamingo, but do you have a temper that causes you to lash out at those close to you? Do you go beyond disagreeing with those with political views that highly contrast your own and drift into actual hatred for them?

It’s easy to find some kind of behavior to be abhorrent when it involves other people, but we earthlings have a tendency to overlook our own faults that might even surpass those of other’s.

Am I defending the Australian teens? Absolutely not. I’m just saying that we all have a flamingo flogger in us somewhere; let’s make an effort to keep them inside.


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