OPEC Shmopec

This is why I’m a supporter of considerable funding for alternative fuel solutions…to rid us of our dependence on these dirtbags.

From Reuters: OPEC agrees sharp output cut.

An emergency OPEC meeting on Friday reached swift agreement to chop production by 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in an effort to halt a deep oil price slide.

International benchmark U.S. crude has slumped by close to 60 percent from a record high of $147.27 hit in July. On Friday, it fell again to below $63 a barrel.

Interpretation: instead of making countless billions of dollars off of oil, they’re currently making almost-countable billions of dollars off of oil.

Listen, fellow conservatives…you don’t have to be a tree-hugger or a climate change activist to throw your support behind ideas such as electric cars and other alternative fuel solutions. You just have to really hate our being so dependent on people that really don’t even like us. Not even a little!

And be honest with me…doesn’t the follow picture just make you want to take his pinstripes and wrap them (very tightly) around his neck?

OPEC Scumbags


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