14 Years

Fourteen years after the brutal murder of Anna Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, their killer is going to finally be where he belongs: behind bars.

From Fox News: O.J. Simpson Found Guilty

O.J. - Guilty

O.J. Simpson, who went from American sports idol to celebrity-in-exile after he was acquitted of murder in 1995, was found guilty Friday of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.

The 61-year-old former football star could spend the rest of his life in prison. Sentencing was set for Dec. 5.

The Hall of Fame football star was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and 10 other charges for gathering up five men a year ago and storming into a room at a hotel-casino, where the group seized several game balls, plaques and photos. Prosecutors said two of the men with him were armed; one of them said Simpson asked him to bring a gun.

Question: if you get away with murder (x2), is the next logical step robbery and kidnapping? Isn’t he going backwards?

I guess this is what USC does to people.


5 thoughts on “14 Years

  1. jasonlavant says:

    Sorry for being so blunt …

    While the courts say: “Go to jail” …
    God says: “Go to hell … cast into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels!”

    It’s bout’ time …

  2. Than says:

    Eh, jason….that’s a bit harsh. I do believe that we serve a merciful God, not one that condemns people to hell before their appointed time. If OJ was to find Christ and follow the plan of salvation he would be allowed into heaven in spite of his sins here on Earth. While I do agree that he is one level below pond scum it is not our place to judge him. That is left wholly up to God and I don’t think, unless I just missed that part of the Bible, that we are sentenced before we A. die, B. the rapture of the Church takes place and C. the white throne judgement occurs.

    Ryan, I just have one thing to say……Karma!!

  3. ryanaustindean says:

    O.J. apparently has a better chance of finding spiritual redemption behind bars than he does in public.

    He does have a lot of pride (and God knows what else) inside of him that he has to give up first.

  4. jasonlavant says:

    “Than” … I do believe in God’s grace. That’s why you and I both are even alive to this day!

    In case you’re wondering … that was a joke. Nothing to be taken so serious.

    My sermons have serious compassion when it comes to issues like this. Thus the reason for ACTS and Prison Ministry! =)

  5. Terry says:

    He deserves all thats coming to him.

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