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Chris & Jana

I’ve been looking forward to this job for a loooong time. I was looking forward to this wedding before I even started the whole photography thing, actually. My two good friends, Chris and Jana, are finally getting married!

I had a great time shooting with them, and wish them decades of happiness and “intense fellowship.” Heh heh…

Love you guys.


To see more of the set, click here.


Does This Scare You?

I giggled.

I giggled a lot.

Palin Fever

I saw the majority of Palin’s speech at the RNC last night, and I have to say I was impressed, but my admiration of the speech seems to pale in comparison to what the rest of the media has been saying. Apparently she came off even better than I realized, even when her teleprompter broken halfway through the speech (Anyone remember what happened to Obama when his teleprompter malfunctioned?).

And while I’m at it:

Barack Obama visits 57 (?) states.

Obama refuses to salute the American flag.

Obama can’t decide if he heard offensive comments at Jeremiah Wright’s church or not.

Barack didn’t think his experience justified a 2008 presidential run.

Barry’s obvious credibility problem.

Obama needs to clarify what he means about “sex education for 5-year-olds.” Look just after the 2:20 mark.

I didn’t intend to post links to those videos that I’ve had stored back, but they just kind of slipped. Now back to Palin:

The most interesting article that I’ve seen thus far comes from the British media. I’ve long admired the wittiness and humor that they sprinkle into even their more “professional” publications, but this article from the Sun was more positive than I could’ve expected. Read the entire article here, but I’m posting a few highlights.

The opening:

Today she is the most talked-about woman in the world. And with good reason.

Sarah Palin’s sensational performance at the Republican Party Convention may turn out to be the tipping point of this rollercoaster American election.

Obama fans hoping she would fluff her big night were in for a nasty shock.

This speech has turned the election upside down. It was simply stunning.

For an unpopular party divided over Iraq and struggling to compete with Obama’s Messianic glamour, the choice of Palin looks absolutely inspired.

Main Street America will have loved her performance.

And it was seen by 30million voters – the greatest number ever to watch a candidate for the much-derided VP post.

When she duffed up the Lefty media commentators for their sexist sneers, the vast crowd roared approval and pointed in anger at the titans of the American press aloof in their special enclosure.

And quite right too: who ever asked whether Obama could still be a good dad if he became president?

The irony, as Palin pointed out, is that liberal media sniping has only succeeded in uniting Republicans behind her.

And what I considered the most stunning of all…

But most fascinating of all, consider this: If Obama loses, Hillary Clinton will run in 2012. Opposing her is sure to be Sarah Palin.

That would guarantee America its first woman president.

And my fistful of dollars, having seen both in action here, would be on Palin.


Christina Howard

This blog is WAY LATE, but it’s finally up. Christina’s senior pictures were taken over a month ago, but it’s better late than never, right?

Thanks for everything, Christina! I had a blast with you guys.

Future Toys

While Gustav frees up some time for those Ark-La-Tex residents like myself who are too far north to evacuate, I’ve been doing some reading, photo-editing, and thinking. The topic at the moment: the Tesla Roadster.

Before you click on the link above, take a look at the aesthetics of this baby:

Tesla Roadster

What you are looking at is a fully electric sports car. Currently running about $98,000, this sucker is electronically limited to 125 mph (booo!), can go from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, has a range of 220 miles on a single charge, and does not make you look like a moron (*cough*Prius*cough*).

I’m not entirely sold on electric cars being the alternative fuel design of the future, but the idea of a car running like a Ferrari in virtual silence is absolutely amazing, and that’s exactly what the Tesla does.

If there was a (much) cheaper, less sporty version in the future, I’d gladly buy one for me and Shari to drive around town. Imagine: just plug it up when you get home and never worry about the price of gas at the Valero on the corner. Those of you who know me realize that I’m not exactly the prototypical Mr. Green, but I’m definitely in favor of upheaving the internal combustion engine way of doing things and moving to a clean, effective system.

Here’s the only problem: have you ever forgotten to charge your cell phone overnight and realized at about 10:00 AM that you no one was going to be able to reach you for the rest of the day? Well, I dread the (inevitable) day that I forget to charge my car before I go to bed…