Several people have commented and said that my blog has been neglected lately. They are absolutely correct. My blog has been ignored, rejected, spat upon, and indicted on charges of money laundering.

Actually, there are two reasons that I have continued to update less frequently. The first is that I’ve been pretty busy (and sick) lately, so I’m not motivated to post as often.

The second is this: my purpose for the blog has changed. Obviously sharing photos from/to various clients and potential customers is always a part of things (photo-related content only at my photography blog), but what about the random nonsense in which I had a tendency to become wrapped up?

I don’t want this blog to be a means of adding to my sense of self-importance. Everyone and their mother has a blog to go along with their ridiculous opinions. People probably don’t care about what I think, and why should they? They care about gathering information, about laughing, and about growing.

Therefore I’ve allowed the blog to become a bit of an aggregator. I gather the news items that are important, share stories that are informative and/or touching, post videos that I think are essential to your existence (or at least tickle your funny bone), and little else. After all, do we really need another inflated ego on the Internet?

If I’m wrong about this, then leave a comment and tell me. I don’t know how many people are subscribed to this blog, but we recently went over 20,000 hits. That’s a decent number, even if it’s only the same 20 people returning time and time again. If you want me to do more than just share little quips, stories, and videos…if you actually want me to share the perspective of an ADD-stricken, eyebrow-wigglin’, youth pastorin’ independent conservative, then please comment and tell me what would keep you coming back.

OR if you think this blog offers little of worth than what everyone else is already providing, then let me know that too, and I’ll reformat or dismantle the entire thing without a second thought. I just don’t want to be another person on the Intrawebs™ that seems to think his/her opinion is better than everyone else, and “OMG, I’m so important, you should listen to what I say!”

So tell me.

4 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Jana says:

    I enjoy reading your blog…nonsense…news…whatever….I think you should change nothing! I’m thinking of starting my own…because I have so much time on my hands and all…

  2. Stacy says:


    After reading your blog today, I felt a need to comment. Of course I might be just expressive today.

    Why do I read blogs?
    1. Inspirational – from people that I consider to have a good opinion. YES your opinion is as good as everyone’s. It encourages others; especially when you find someone who has thinks along the same lines as you. (which for some of us it is hard. LOL)
    2. Funny Stories – I like to read stuff that is funny. This is where a lot of blogs lose the art. Though I have found a few that do crack me up. Very few people know how to write that makes it funny.
    3. Last but not least INFORMATIONAL—Blogs are not the best source for information; I think this is where we get IRON sharpens IRON. Not just from opinions but it provokes others to think outside the box. I have got some great study stuff provoked from blogs.

    The question is not for your readers, but for you… Are you bored with your blog? Then stop…. But if you are stopping only because you think it is only your opinion; I think that is a lame excuse.

    Do what you want to do! Even if it is to give an occasional blog once a month.

    See that is my opinion. Is it worth anything? To me it is worth a whole. .00000001 percent of a penny. LOL To you…. I doubt it is worth that much.. But that is the cool thing about blogs; It is my opinion.

  3. Holli says:

    I like reading your blog because it makes me laugh. So change nothing!

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Noted. In other words, maybe I’m being a bit paranoid?

    I guess I’ll change nothing. Thanks!

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