Toby Keith: Dixie Chick 2.0?

In case you don’t live in the South, have never lived in the South, and/or really don’t have much of an idea of what goes on down here, allow me to inform you that country music kinda/sorta has a massive fan base in this region of the country.

Sure, people all around the country enjoy country music (*cough*), this is pretty much country music central. And if you talk about “modern country music,” AKA stinky poop, you have to start talking about Toby Keith (big stinky poop).

Now, I’m no country music fan (I actually prefer OOOOLD-style country music); I’m more of an acoustic guitar kind of guy. However, I do realize that a lot of country music fans around here are flag-waving (not always American flags, if you know what I mean), gun-toting, Republican card-carrying rough-and-tumble types.

Therefore, when a “country” star like Toby Keith comes along and voices support for Barack Obama, the most liberal active member of the United States Senate who is running for President (I included that just in case you’ve been busy inhaling helium for the past few years), it’s bound to raise a few very bushy and tobacco-singed eyebrows down South.

Anyone remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? They were like, “Oh, BLEEPITY BLEEP George Bush! America, BOO! Europe, hooray! Bleep-bleepity! Yarrrr!”

Then country music stations literally held massive public gatherings were people tossed their Dixie Chick CDs into a pile and had them crushed by steamrollers.

Then the Dixie Chicks were like, “We’re not country anymore. We’re pop. Listen to our pop songs!”

And then this horrible odor came from them. And it stunk. It still stinks. I smell it with my nose.

So is Toby Keith going to be Dixie Chicked for his public support of Barack Obama? We already knew he smoked pot with Willie and all that dandy stuff, but how are conservatives, especially those hard-right country fans, going to respond to Keith’s little decision?

My guess: no one will care. Sure, the guy sells records galore, but I think most people are aware that he’s more steam than substance. Anyone who releases an album called “Shock’n Y’all” can’t be that influential, right?



2 thoughts on “Toby Keith: Dixie Chick 2.0?

  1. elsietee says:

    Yes, the morons from the Right are doing the same thing the morons from the Left did during the Dixie Chicks assininity, and were recently doing by calling his “Beer for my Horses” song racist. Anyone that cares what a singer’s political views are doesn’t deserve to vote. Toby has always said he was a Democrat. He says he votes for the person he thinks will do the best job, not necessarily along party lines. Why he praised Obama I can’t say. Maybe he’s been on Willie’s bus too many times.

  2. J. Wilder says:

    Very interesting! While there some good stuff in modern Country (much of which crosses-over to CCM charts), TK is sort of the self-proclaimed rebel (which makes this ironic in many ways). I mean, he’s no Brad Paisley or Josh Turner.
    I wonder if Barack enjoys the endorsement of “we’ll light up your world like the 4th of July” and “we’ll put a boot in your YAHOOOOOOO” song. Very interesting stuff here.
    Is McCain that boring?? I think a singer’s political views in today’s society tend to matter as their music paints the cultural backdrop for our world. Will it directly affect records sales? We’ve seen examples where it has (Dixie Chicks) and examples where it hasn’t (I know MANY conservative Barbara Streissand fans).

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