Free Association

I’ve been on a free association kick lately. Not familiar with free association? Here’s a quick run-down from Wikipedia:

In free-association, patients are asked to continually relate anything which comes into their minds, regardless of how superficially unimportant or potentially embarrassing the memory threatens to be. This technique assumes that all memories are arranged in a single associative network, and that sooner or later the subject will stumble across the crucial memory.

In other words, you say exactly what comes to your mind…just as it arrives. Don’t filter it. Just…BLAHGAHDAHBAH! Let it out. Now, naturally our minds don’t think in gibberish, so don’t start speaking out something that sounds Swahilian and try to pass it off as free association. It should go something like this…

The lamb-chop broken with the fly on the wall’s black hearted son caviar with polka-dot raindrops eating gummy worms until OH NO the car is backing through processed meat with lots of lavender bohemian did you see the car on that light’s smoke stack with candle-lit frankfurters my head hurts because Johnny won’t quit pounding on it with boo boo sauce canker sores and tear drops lit up by flaming globes cantillated with sickening boring floundering preachers of japanese water fowl didn’t hear you can’t get mad at me broken glass Foo Fighters shredded with garlic powder’s nose hairs.

Sigmund Freud is the crazy that devised this so-called psychological technique. Let’s see him decipher that rubbish that I typed up while sitting uncomfortably on my couch.

Happy Mechanic’s Day to all of you out there. Much love from the Swamp Land!

P.S. I’m looking at you.



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