When some people think about football, they think about their favorite team. For me, it’s the Dallas Cowboys.

When others think about football, they think about college football. Here in Louisiana, we’re all about LSU. There’s so much tradition in college football…

The Michigan Wolverines classic striped helmets. The Texas Longhorns “hook ’em Horns” salute (known as the devil horns in other circles). And of course, the effeminate and incessantly overrated USC Trojans.

But for my generation, you can’t talk about football without talking about the legendary Madden series. Yes, John Madden is its namesake, but I’m not talking about the big mumbler. I’m talking about the video game: MADDEN FOOTBALL.


I could elaborate, but this article by IGN does a much better job of it. You might even find out that John Madden himself is probalby responsible for making sure the series didn’t begin as a flop. Hope you enjoy, video game fans.

For the rest of you who don’t care, here’s a funny monkey…



One thought on “Madden

  1. jasonlavant says:

    Love it! Madden games are amazing. The best in my opinion!

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