You Guys Aren’t Going to Believe This…

Well…I was at the doctor again. For the first 20 years of my life, I was almost never sick. I didn’t even throw up until I was 18, and now I’m falling apart. Appendectomy, migraines, removal of a benign tumor, back spasms…

Now, add abdominal strain and cartilage damage to the list.

How could this have happened during a seemingly normal week? Here’s a quick (and eventually funny) story for you:

Our building operations guy was sick Monday, and I was the only younger, “able-bodied” man at the church. So I am asked to set up the multi-purpose room for a funeral reception. No problem! As one of the heavy, wooden, 12-foot-long tables starts falling down towards me, I catch it in a really awkward manner with the right side of my body, with my right arm and hand taking the vast majority of the weight. It hurt, but I didn’t think it was a big deal, and it didn’t really bother me until yesterday (Thursday).

I couldn’t even sleep last night. No matter which way I turned, I had this lasting pain underneath the right side of my rib cage. It. hurt non-stop. Being a clumsy guy, I’m used to pain…but this was aggravating on a whole new level. It even hurt to breathe.

So the doctor asked me what I had done to cause this. I told him about Monday’s little incident, and he assumed that the pain had begun that night. When I explained that the pain had not become severe until Thursday, he got this puzzled look on his face and asked, “Well, have you been working out with your arms or something?”

“Well, no…but I have been playing this iPhone game a lot…”

I pulled out my iPhone from my pocked and showed him this game called MotionX Poker, where you have to shake the iPhone like you’re shaking dice. I’ve played it while I was driving, while I was reading, while I was walking…and had somehow accumulated over 500 rolls in the course of three days…

“Yep, that’s definitely it,” the doc told me. “That little game is what aggravated your injury to this extent.


The moral of the story: MotionX Poker, the little addictive iPhone game, can put you in a serious world of hurt!

Now I just have to figure out the appropriate time to take these muscle relaxers…


3 thoughts on “You Guys Aren’t Going to Believe This…

  1. Heather says:

    I know you must be in pain, but that was hock’n hilarious!!!

  2. Lorelei says:

    dang you get hurt a lot dude.

    even your iPhone is making fun of you.

    oh, and to this: “I’ve played it while I was driving….”

    tsk, tsk!

  3. Than says:

    Whats up sicky? Broken anything else lately. How about the flu? Caught that yet?

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