I saw this image on the Drudge Report this morning, and had to click…

Obama Gym Rat

While Obama spent 91 minutes at a campaign event yesterday, the Illinois Senator spent a total of 188 minutes in the gym yesterday – making three separate stops to Chicago gyms over the course of one day.


What does this say about our possible future President? Is this obsessive compulsive behavior? Is he a raving narcissist? Is his wife making fun of him for that bathing suit picture (hellooooo, spare tire!) that multiple news sources picked up last year, so he feels pressure to shed a few pounds?

You don’t see McCain wasting 2+ hours a day at the gym! Of course, he’d probably wind up breaking a hip…


5 thoughts on “Bizarre!

  1. Matthew says:

    I’m not sure I’d call it “wasting time.” Then again I know at least one guy who spends 2 hours a day 5 days a week in the gym, but he’s not running for public office either.

    My guess is that it does serve a political purpose – let the media show you spending 2 hours in the gym while all they can report about your opponent is frail health and old age.

    Perfect contrast piece.

  2. Brandon says:

    I’ve seen him talk in the past about quitting smoking a while back. I think I remember that this is one of the things that he did and continues to do in order stay ‘smoke-free’. If I’m misremembering the interview, it’s at least a good reason to do so 🙂

  3. Canuck Gtrplyr says:

    You’re down on someone for exercising?

    Slow news day?


  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Ohhhhh surrrre! Defend the obsessive narcicisst!

    Yeah, totally slow day. 😀

    If it’s something he’s doing to help with the smoking problem, no big deal. If it’s somehow related to standing in stark contrast to McCain, did he really need to help make himself stand out against a cranky, belligerant, white-haired caucasian?

    I for one think he already has the contrast thing covered.

  5. Canuck Gtrplyr says:


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