Apple, Seriously…

I don’t know who to blame…

I was already up late last night editing photos, and I realized that maybe waiting until later in the day to go pick up an iPhone 3G might not be the best idea. So I arrived at the store at 7:40 AM, stood in line for an hour, got to the counter, and thankfully picked up the very last black iPhone model available. Hooray, right?


I noticed that something was wrong when the AT&T employees weren’t activating the iPhones in-store, as I had read they would be. Then I hear the constant complaining from the employees (most of whom had iPhones) about Apple’s apparent lack of preparation. The launch, according to them, was a disaster in the making.

Okay, so they gave me my iPhone to take back to home/work to activate it myself on the iTunes store. Except that you CAN’T activate it on the iTunes Store! This is what I get:

iPhone 3G activation error

Oh, well would you look at that? So now I’m stuck without a phone, since they deactivated my old SIM card from my Sony Ericsson. I’m sitting here with a gorgeous black iPhone (which I’ve waited SOOOOO long for – just ask Shari), and the stupid thing can’t even work until Apple gets its mess together.

I have a lot to do today…and I’m just a little bit more than slightly peeved.


4 thoughts on “Apple, Seriously…

  1. Stacy Dyke says:

    Ohhh stop whining. LOL At least you got an iPhone. Some of us are really coveting your iPhone. Oh that is a commandment “thou shalt not covet.” Oops won’t be my first sin nor probably not my last. 🙂

    I do hope you get your iPhone working soon. So we can REALLY covet.

    Got to run and go repent. LOL

  2. James Wilder says:

    “It’ll be worth it all some beautiful happy day…”
    Since you’re going from Sony Ericson to iPhone, you’ll experience the euphoric sensation that iPhone sensationalists get. See… it’s not just style points.

  3. Toby says:

    RY!!! Huds having the same prob…he got there at 6:45 this morning and got one and hasnt been able to activate it all day!! When he gets off of work I am sure he will be sitting in front of his computer relentlessly trying to get it to activate OVER and OVER and OVER!!! So…i KINDA feel your pain but NOT REAALY lol…Hopefully it will soon calm down and apple will get their stuff together!!! GOOD LUCK!

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Everything has been working GREAT now, so let the envy and jealousy commence in full! I’ve already become well accustomed to this baby.

    I’ve been envious for a year and a half, so finally my iPhone lust can be transferred to someone else. : )

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