Tiger Woods: The Best(?)


Just kidding. Of course he’s the best! And I don’t mean the best today, the best of this generation, or even the best golfer. I think Tiger Woods is the best athlete of all-time.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not exactly a Tiger Woods fan. I’m more a Phil Mickelson (yes, “the chokemaster”) kind of guy, but I can’t deny the fact that what Tiger Woods has accomplished in his 32 years on this planet has been nothing short of un-friggin-believable.

He’s still a young man, especially as far as golf is concerned, and he’s nearing up on breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record for the most majors won. But what makes his most recent win at the U.S. Open even more incredible is the fact that throughout the entire round, he was struggling through a torn ligament in high left knee, which will now require surgery. Not enough? He also sustained a double stress fracture in his left tibia while rehabbing from a surgery after The Masters.

What has made Tiger Woods so great is his amazing desire and determination to win, no matter the cost. Many people speculated (initially) that Tiger might be exaggerating or even faking his injury in order to add drama to his win or give him a viable excuse should he come up short.

Well, that’s just stupid.

I’m not too happy when I hear about Tiger dropping F-bombs on national TV or losing his temper in a very public way, but I hope that one day I can develop the unstoppable desire to be the absolute best I can be. Sure, I’d like to think that I’m relentlessly pursuing my dreams, but am I really running at 100%? Of course not; it’s probably somewhere closer to 50%, and most people, if they’re honest with themselves, would say something similar.

To be the best, you have to work the hardest. To work the hardest, you have to really, truly believe in what you’re doing. The question is this: HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT?


One thought on “Tiger Woods: The Best(?)

  1. coffee says:

    Tiger Woods will be back on his game in no time, i’m sure; he seems like a tough guy

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